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2 Michelin Stars


When we were children, we used to run barefoot through the meadows and woods. We loved to play in the high grass and kick around the pine cones. Our mother made us herbal tea, but as kids we didn't exactly appreciate its taste. These childhood memories - and this magical spot - have stayed with us forever. Our goal was to create a place where we could share our past with people from all over the world. Since 2017, we've been thrilled to be a Michelin two-star restaurant. Our restaurant is the highest-lying Michelin-starred restaurant in all of Italy, with cuisine that is both modern and organic.

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Book your vacation with maximum flexibility. You can cancel the booked stay free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. Deposits will be fully refunded.

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You should not miss this offer in any case. Escape the daily routine from Tuesday to Friday. Choose the three days in the convenient middle of the week and enjoy your stay with us while others work.

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Home away from home

Three heads, three characters, one shared dream. We three are hosts with heart and soul. Gisela, the soul of the house, can be found at the reception, in the service and in the wine cellar. Heinrich is the artist in the kitchen and constantly fiddles with new creations. Karl is responsible for the marketing, but he can also give you valuable suggestions and will gladly sit down with you for a little chat. So this is how a visit to our small house, with only 7 rooms and 3 suites, feels like. Where you can chat with your hosts, but also where you can just be when you are looking for peace and quiet.


Home Away from Home

Our hotel has just eleven rooms, each designed with a unique personal style that is sure to make you feel at home. We love being a hotspot for gourmets, connoisseurs, wine lovers, individualists, explorers, and those who are eager to discover new things. Our guests come for a break in the middle of nature, to indulge in our culinary offerings and our way of life up here in the mountains.

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Guests can enjoy our small and cozy wellness area, which features an hay steam bath, a Finnish sauna, and a lovignly decorated relaxing room. On the top floor, our jacuzzi beckons you to step in and unwind. Enveloped by the warm and bubbly water, your gaze is bound to roam over the treetops and into the enchanting world of the Dolomites.

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Sustainability, think green, km-Zero, these terms often seem a bit strange and imposed on us. Maybe because we have long since internalized these buzzwords. The careful use of resources, the respect for food and those who produce it, to utilize as much as possible, to utilize nature's abundantly laid table. All these are points that belong to a life with nature, especially in our native mountain world. Maybe it is just a little false modesty, but in any case it is deeply honest and authentic. The wild herbs and mushrooms come exclusively from the forest directly in front of our house. All other ingredients such as meat, flour, milk, cheese, bacon, butter and much more from the surrounding farms in our valley. In this way we not only make an important contribution and show our appreciation to our farmers, but we can also present you with dishes that are not only healthy and tasty, but often unique and genuine.

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